At our Congregation Council meeting on June 21st, we decided that those who are fully vaccinated may attend worship without wearing a mask.  Those who are not yet fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask as recommended by the Center for Disease control.  We will continue with our social distancing practices as we have been doing for the time being (spread out in pews, offering plate in Narthex, passing the peace in place, and communion in pews with pastor gloved and masked). We will continue to sing hymns as we are now with hymn inserts and no hymnal in pew rack. We will also hold off on returning the pads in the pews. If the pews are uncomfortable for you, feel free to bring your own pad with you to church.


Also, the Parish Hall is now opened to larger gatherings. For pot-luck and other dinners diners will need to be masked and hands sanitized going through the buffet line, and we will need enough helpers, gloved and masked, to serve food on each diner’s plate. This may mean a few extra helpers at each meal, so if you can help out, please let us know at the church office.


Please remember that the pandemic continues.  As we move into the fall when we spend more time indoors there is still a possibility for another spike in the virus. Those who are not vaccinated are still vulnerable to catching COVID-19 (this includes many of our younger children), and it seems that the new variants for the virus could be even more contagious and cause more sickness. As of now, it seems that the vaccinations are effective on all the variants that are currently out there, but that could also change.  Even as we enjoy the opening of our society, please continue to be safe and healthy. Thanks to everyone for following our congregation’s guidelines and being so good about wearing your masks and practicing your social distancing.  Your considerate actions made it possible for us to continue to worship in person during this pandemic without incident for much longer than many other congregations.


Even though we cannot be together as we would like to be, we will have recorded services posted on our St. Paul’s webpage ( The most recent worship service will be posted on the front page. Past services will be under the heading, “Worship Services.” If you would like to receive the order of service so you can follow along at home, send Pastor Callister your email address (, and he will send you a word document of the service.



St. Paul’s continues to air our Worship services on WSPL (1250 AM or 98.5 FM) on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.  St. Paul’s records on the first and third weekends to be aired on the second and fourth Sundays. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church records on the second and fourth weekends to be aired on the first and third Sundays.



For those without access to the internet, Pastor Callister will be printing copies of his sermons and they can be picked up at church.  On the window ledge across from the elevator there will be copies of sermons, “Portals of Prayer” booklets, and other items of spiritual or social interest will be available.  If you do not have a key, call the office and the south door near the parking lot and elevator will be left open for you. If you should not be out or do not someone to pick papers up, call the Church Office and we can mail you the sermons and other items each week (815-672-2435).



Pastor Callister is trying to call as many members as possible to keep us connected during this time as we all are staying at home. Joining him this week will be others who will make a point of contacting every member of the church.  Thanks to Carolyn Erler, Jen Falk, Patty Fredericks, Debbie Kirk, Merianne Morris, and Pauline Murray for willing to be our phone visitors. If anyone is in need of a phone visit from Pastor Callister, he is always available on his cell phone (815-258-4319) or at the church office (815-672-2435)