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St. Paul’s Worship Services

In the month of October, worship services will all be held indoors in our sanctuary.  Greeters and ushers will be on hand to assist.

  • Please enter the church from the south parking lot door only. All other doors will remain locked.

  • You should wear a mask to whichever service you plan to attend.

  • Please use the hand sanitizing station upon entering the building.

  • Please remember to social distance.

  • Communion will be offered at every service.

  • Volunteers will be needed at each service to usher, act as worship assistant/reader and do some cleaning and disinfecting after each service. There will be training. Let us know if you can help out.

Trunk or Treat

Sunday School will be doing its Trunk or Treat this year on All Saints Eve (Halloween) Saturday, October 31. We will be having a brief Sunday School class at 3:30 p.m., then at 4:00 p.m. the Trunk or Treat will be held in the South parking lot at St. Paul's prior to the 5:00 p.m. worship service. We are asking anyone who would like to donate purchased and prepackaged candy to bring it to the church in the weeks ahead. The Sunday School Staff will sanitize and package the candy for the day. Members of the congregation can bring their cars to the south parking lot decorated, and we will provide you a box of candy to place in front of your trunk for the youth to collect. Candy collection boxes will be placed next to the offering plates at worship and on the table by the elevator at the South entrance door.

Blood Drive

A BIG Thank You to all that donated or helped out in any way to make the

September 23rd, Red Cross Glenn Hansen Memorial Blood Drive such a huge success.

We had 22 donors and 24 pints donated.

Please fill out St. Paul's service survey found here on our website

or you can also find it on St. Paul's Facebook page.


For additional St. Paul's information regarding the to Covid-19 Corona virus, please see the Covid-19 News page of our Website.




        (Please see the Stewardship Page for more information)

Dear Friends in Christ,

Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus? Do you consider yourself a steward? Being a disciple and steward are two very important facets of our journey of faith as God’s people in Christ. These two elements of our faith journey help us connect the dots of everyday life and what it means to be followers of Christ as we live daily in the midst of God’s grace in Christ.

Over the next three months, we will be involved with a ministry initiative entitled. We will explore together the faith/discipleship practices of invite, serve, give. With this initiative, we will celebrate our ministry together as disciples of Jesus and explore ways we can, as individuals, grow in our understanding and practice as disciples and stewards.

Our Kick-Off Weekend for is September 19-20, 2020. We begin our three month emphasis with the faith/discipleship practice of. Through sermons, Bible Studies, and activities, we will explore what it means to be growing disciples and stewards, connecting the dots between faith, daily life, and our ministry as a congregation.

For the months of September, October and November there will be one weekend each month dedicated to a specific faith/discipleship practice. During the worship service there will be a Bible study and faith talk that revolves around this same faith/discipleship practice.

The stewardship weekend schedule is a follows:

  • Weekend of September 19-20

  • Weekend of October 17-18

  • Weekend of November 14-15                                                                                                               

Plan to be on hand in worship as we learn more about through worship, Bible studies and faith talks. How exciting it will be, as together, we grow as disciples of Jesus and stewards of God’s rich gift of grace in our Lord Christ.

Growing in faith and discipleship together,

St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee










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